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The body continually produces hyaluronic acid. This is the main component of dermal fillers. However, this production reduces with age and subsequently makes us look older. It holds 1000 times it’s weight in water within our cells. Therefore, giving deep moisture to the skin.
As we age volume is lost from the face because of shrinking of the facial bones. Thus causing facial fats pads to drop. Volume loss is one of the main factors of visible facial ageing. This is why ageing causes sagging of the face. In other words, there is less support for the skin and muscles of the face. In addition, the sagging causes jowls and a heaviness in the lower part of the face.

What do they do?

Fillers acts to give support to the structure of the skin, helping to halt the ageing process. Therefore, this gives the full, curved contours we had in our youth, it also reflects light from our skin giving a youthful glow. In addition, a contoured cheekbone lifts the facial skin into a youthful curve allowing light reflection from the side of the cheek. For any truly successful rejuvenation programme, the issue of age-related facial volume and contour change has to be addressed. In an aged face, the face appears flattened, droopy and dull with less light reflection. In other words, it will make you appear to look tired, gaunt and hollow in the mid-face.

Similarly, loss of volume in our cheeks is one of the main causes for the formation of nose to mouth lines. We now understand that by replacing lost cheek volume we can often soften the appearance of these lines. This is why the upper and outer portion of the cheek is addressed first before the nose to mouth lines are treated directly.

As we age deflation of the lips happens. At A* Aesthetics, the use of a cannula gently re-plumps the body of the lip to replace what’s been lost, rather than over-fill with a stiff product that makes the border between lip and skin look ledge-like. There are various techniques dependent on the lip shape at presentation, use of a cannula (blunt tipped) can be very nice to roll the lip outwards and upwards before final refinement with a needle.

With over 200 types of filler worldwide, with different brands, various levels of quality and products for the whole of the face. At A* Aesthetics a variety of brands are used. These include Teoxane,  the Juvéderm Vycross range, Belotero and Revanesse.

Why Vycross?

The Vycross range is Juvéderm’s premium brand, having full FDA (food and drug administration) approval, thorough clinical trials and safety records. This advanced technology means the product lasts longer. The patient has longer between appointments so a reduced number of times to be injected (great for needle phobics!) and is less cost to the patient longterm.

More benefits include:

  • Less bruising
  • Less swelling
  • Reduced extrusion force (less pain on injection)
  • Smoother gels (a more natural look)

In conclusion, for more information or to book your consultation please press the gold online booking tab. See our prices

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are dermal fillers?
Dermal fillers provide lift, volume and contour. They consist of hyaluronic acid which is found naturally in the body and holds 1000 times its weight in water meaning the skin is volumised and has long lasting hydration.

Will I look odd?
Current injection techniques focus on different viscosities of product for specific anatomical regions, the critical element is the depth of product injection so results look natural both at rest and importantly animation.

Does it hurt?
Whilst the procedure involves a needle or cannula the vycross range encompasses an anaesthetic in the formula making the treatment much more tolerable. The use of numbing cream prior to the procedure also ensures patient comfort.

What areas are treated?
The most commonly treated areas focus on achieving structure, contour and lift to the face by enhancing the cheek bones, volumising temples and softening nasolabial folds. In terms of refinement that would focus on the lip area and supporting structures again enhancing the natural beauty already present.

More Information

At consultation I take a non-judgemental, informative role where we assess the whole face and conform to the principles of structure, contour and refinement in that order. For example, someone mature in age focusing on enhancing their lips but exhibiting loss of cheek volume and jowling would almost certainly look unnatural if the structure of the face was not addressed initially before restoring youthful lip features.

The Phi principle in beautiPHIcation
The phenomenon of Phi relates to the golden ratio concept originally developed by renaissance artist Leonardo de Vinci. It is commonly found in nature and naturally beautiful people, it helps achieve organic and natural looking compositions that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. For this reason the use of golden ratio callipers as demonstrated by leading plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Swift help analyse the ratio of facial features.

The Midas touch

Here at A* Aesthetics we exclusively use the MIDAS instrument which was created and is used by celebrity cosmetic doctor Dr. Esho. The sculpting MIDAS t-bar serves three functions which reduces sharp pain from needle injections by the action of vibration, pressure and cooling. This is based on the Gate control theory of pain. By occupying those pain pathway gates with other sensations (like vibrations, pressure and cold), the feeling of injections are able to slip by our neurological pathways therefore minimising pain.

Latifa Saif
Latifa Saif
Amazing advice on zo skincare. Finally feel confident using these products, especially retinol. Dr Anna is very thorough and really kind natured, have already recommended her to friends and family.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith
Love my Botox, best I've ever had, I used to get a heavy forehead feeling when I'd had it done elsewhere previously. Dr Anna explained why that had happened and how to avoid it happening again, it worked and I'm really pleased, thank you. Also had a course of Profhilo which has made my skin feel beautiful, smooth and hydrated. Love the online booking option too.
Arabella Clough
Arabella Clough
Love my lip filler, Dr Anna is very professional and details different filler types and techniques for the look you want. Also had the new Dermapen 4 course of treatments which has improved my skin texture and hydration. Felt very safe and well cared for, thank you!❤️
Katie Green
Katie Green
Can not thank Dr Anna enough for helping me sort my skin out. I’d tried a lot of skincare products to calm my acne but nothing really got to grips with it and it was really affecting my confidence. I’ve been using the Dr Zein Obagi zo skinhealth acne products for a while now and my skin is completely clear which I’m so, so grateful for, highly recommend. I’ve also had a course of Dermapen microneedling treatments to help smooth some acne scarring from the past which has really helped change the texture of my skin, very pleased ?
Joanne Daye
Joanne Daye
I've recently visited A* Aesthetics for skincare and Botox. After having Botox over a number of years I can say this is the best Botox in Huddersfield I've ever had. I look refreshed and natural, my skin is in the best condition it's ever been, so pleased with my results, thank you so much Anna for your care.
Debbie Lopez
Debbie Lopez
I've been having treatments for six months now, I started with a lot of pigmentation on my skin after pregnancy. Dr Anna advised me I had melasma from pregnancy hormones which caused the dark patches I had on my face. I've been on Dr zein obagi skincare which have been amazing at lifting the dark patches, I've got my best ever skin which is unbelievable compared to how I looked before. I've also had some dermapen treatments which I've noticed has lifted and smoothed my skin. I'm over the moon,thank you so much!!!
rachel rhodes
rachel rhodes
I'd noticed my skin looking dull and just generally felt I was looking older but I wasn't really sure where to start with improving things. I'd done a bit of research about Botox and fillers and wanted to find out more. Dr Anna explained that Botox and fillers would help lift and support my face but I should also look at getting my skin thicker with Zein Obagi skincare so I would get even better results. After a few months I really did see and feel a difference, my skins lifted, plumper and really smooth. My Botox has made me look fresher and is natural looking. I've had some filler at the sides of my cheeks which has really lifted my face up and I feel back to me at my best, thank you.
Emma Sutcliffe
Emma Sutcliffe
I have very dry skin and suffer from rosacea, I have used a lot of products over the years but yet to find one that worked for me. I booked a consultation with Dr Crossley after a friend recommended her clinic, Straight away I was put at ease and felt very reassured that they could help me. The following week I had a Hollywood peel and Anna and her assistant Sue discussed what products would be best for me. I came away feeling absolutely amazing and now have wonderful glowing skin and the products are also amazing. Anna and Sue are amazing and very friendly and professional could not recommend highly enough. I will be returning soon for some more wonderful treatments.
Gillian Edwards
Gillian Edwards
I had a Hollywood Peel, first cosmetic procedure I've had and was overjoyed with the results. Anna and Sue were brilliant! Very professional. Will definitely be returning and will recomend them to everyone I know.
Emma Kershaw
Emma Kershaw
I have recently visited a*aesthetics after been highly recommend by a friend. I have never visited a clinic before so was very unsure what to expect but was instantly impressed by the service I received . Dr Anna Crossley put me at ease with her lovely kind manner. I have visited the clinic three times firstly for a red carpet peel which felt amazing and left my skin glowing which I highly recommend, the second time I had Botox I explained to Anna which areas I wanted doing and the results have been amazing just what I wanted and the third time I had derma pen which once again had great results. I have since started using ZO SKIN HEALTH wow it’s amazing . Thankyou Dr Anna Crossley for giving me my glow back xx
*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, A* Aesthetics cannot guarantee specific results.